I. document doc‧u‧ment 1 [ˈdɒkjmənt ǁ ˈdɑːk-] noun [countable]
a record of important information on paper or computer disk:

• His main expense is photocopying thousands of legal documents.

• electronic document management systems

deˈfence ˌdocument , defense document [countable] FINANCE
a statement by a company which is the subject of a takeover offer giving reasons why its shareholders should not accept the offer
ˈexport ˌdocuments [plural] COMMERCE TRANSPORT
documents sent by an exporter's bank to a bank or other organization in the importer's country, who delivers them to the importer when the importer pays for the goods or accepts a bill These documents are needed by the importer to get permission for the goods to come through Customs and to make insurance claims if the goods are lost or damaged; = SHIPPING DOCUMENTS:

• The exporter can present the required export documents to his bank and receive payment of up to 100% of invoice value.

ˈoffer ˌdocument [countable] FINANCE
a statement by a company that wants to buy another company in a takeover. In the offer document, the buyer says what its aims are, why shareholders of the company to be bought should accept the offer etc:

• Before the offer document is published, it must be submitted to the supervisory authority and the management of the target company.

ˈshipping ˌdocuments [plural] TRANSPORT
documents, including the bill of lading, Customs, and insurance documents that relate to particular goods that are being shipped:

• We recommend that companies match orders, shipping documents and invoices and follow up inconsistencies.

  [m0] II. document doc‧u‧ment 2 [ˈdɒkjment ǁ ˈdɑːk-] verb [transitive]
to record important information on paper, film, or computer disk:

• The New York agency documented 60 attacks on journalists.

* * *

document UK US /ˈdɒkjəmənt/ noun [C]
a paper or set of papers that contains official information or instructions: »

a one-/five-/twenty-, etc. page document


a consultative/consultation/framework document

draft/circulate/publish a document »

Each bank will be required to publish a document detailing its annual and final bonus payments.

obtain/receive/sign a document »

Don't sign any documents with items left blank or containing anything you don't understand.

a document contains/outlines/describes »

Federal Agency documents outline the scope of the extensive project.


Full details will be included in your policy document.


We will accept original documents only, not copies.


A spokesman from the Home Office refused to comment on the leaked document.


a forged document


a legal/official/formal document


a classified/internal/confidential document

See also DEFENCE DOCUMENT(Cf. ↑defence document), EXPORT DOCUMENT(Cf. ↑export document), OFFER DOCUMENT(Cf. ↑offer document), SHIPPING DOCUMENTS(Cf. ↑shipping documents)
COMMUNICATIONS, IT a computer file that contains text and sometimes images: print/save/format a document »

Remember to save your documents at regular intervals when making changes.


I was unable to open the attached document.

document UK US /ˈdɒkjəment/ verb [T]
to record information about something important by writing about it or photographing it: »

Companies must document the controls their financial departments use to deter fraud.


The harmful effects of greenhouse gases have been well documented.


A recent state investigation found that the district has failed to document how it spent some $23 million in federal funds.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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